Our Land Yacht Is For Sale!

Tiny Watts Solar | Santa Cruz, California

ATTN: The Land Yacht is FOR SALE!!! We are excited to announce that we are selling our van in the next few months to move on to our next chapter... a more international vessel #vanlife is waiting for you.

Below are some specs about our van!

This is Bella! She is a 2016 170” 4x4 MB Sprinter van. One of the last German imported Sprinter chassis, we've heard current wait time for 2019 4x4's is 2 years. Bella currently has 45K miles on her and still going strong. We have changed her oil every 10k miles as recommended by the Mercedes manufacturer and have never had any issues.

Below are a few spec

1000Watts solar roof deck + a walk on carbon fiber storage roof box 

*3600 Wh lithium battery bank 

*3200 Watt inverter

*Shore power

*Radiant heated flooring and on demand hot water

*Indoor/outdoor shower 

*Full size kitchen with all electrical appliances 

We are making a number of updates to the van such as freshening up the paint & cabinetry, installing water filtration system, etc. We can customize this according to your preferences as well if you are a serious buyer. We'd be interested in pre-selling our van to complete it out customized exactly how you want it.  The Winnebago 4x4 144" Sprinters start at $156K+ and come with non of our premium systems.  We are asking upwards of $175k OBO for serious offers only! This van is turn key and ready to go! The tires are still in great shape and the batteries are rated for 3000-5000 cycles (8-13years). We love this van and are sad to sell it but we are getting married this September and are excited to start our next chapter traveling internationally. 


We will have photos and more information on our website soon but for more details we have two
video tours on you tube. 

Video by: Jarod Tocci - https://www.youtube.com/user/jarrodtocci/featured


Video by: Tiny House Giant Journey - https://www.youtube.com/user/tinyhousegj/featured