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All Tiny Watts Solar kits are made to order and your project will come to life in two phases. Phase I will commence as soon as payment is received in full. Phase II will follow as fabrication, powder coating, and wiring are complete. We assemble our kits in house and ship them to your door, eliminating 75% of the install labor. These kits are electrically engineered for superior safety and efficiency. All of our power systems are quality checked and commissioned in-house before shipping them out. This process includes pre-programing, monitoring and commissioning system components.


All Tiny Watts Solar kits will come to life in two phases. Phase 1 includes all items to get you from the outside of your van to the inside so you can continue progress on your build. The idea is to get you the components you need to get started, while we begin the production of your power center.

Turnaround Time | 7-10 business days

Phase 1 is shipped as soon as payment is received in full and will include:

  • Selected Solar Panel Option

  • Associated racking and mounting hardware.

  • Waterproof wire penetration and sealant.

  • Shore Power Plug and wire whip.

  • Select powder-coat color:

    • Orange Frame* with Brushed Aluminum Paneling

    • Gray Frame* with Brushed Aluminum Paneling

    Custom color choice - $250


Our kits are built in house and are made to order, therefore there is a 2-3 week lead time. During this lead time, you will be kept busy installing Phase 1. We eliminate 75% of the install labor up front, leaving a more DIY program for you to complete on your own.

Turnaround Time | 2-3 weeks

Custom fabricated and pre-wired power center. After receiving your pre-wired kit it will be time to install it. Your batteries will also be shipped in Phase Two. Instructions will be provided for completing the kit installation process!

Remote install support from the Tiny Watts Team will be available in the form of over the phone and face-time consultations for an additional cost.