Below are a variety of projects that we have done ranging from Tiny Home Solar Projects, Mobile Offices, Tow-able Solar Trailer and Self-Converted Vans. We also offer solar kits that can be customized to fit your project needs! Check our “How It Works” section to find more information about what we offer, or click the button below to schedule a consultation

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Solar Roof: Tiny Home

We teamed up with top PDX solar company Elemental Energy to do this custom project for a backyard Tiny House in Portland, OR. The owners were already putting solar on their main house and therefore added it to the Tiny at the same time to take advantage of federal and state tax credits. This house will be taken off-grid entirely one day and the owners wanted to make sure they would have enough power to remain off-grid indefinitely. This house had quite a large roof space, so we thought why not make it all solar! System specs: (12) SolarWorld 345 W Modules for a total system size of 4.14 kW. DC coupled with (2)Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries for 6.8 kWh total storage capacity and a 10+ year lifespan.


Tow-able Solar Trailer

This Portable Solar Pod is packed with (3) Solar Panels for total wattage of 1045W with 4800WH in Lithium Batteries. This pod replaces the noisy, gas powered generators and provides clean power where ever you adventure to!


Solar Powered Mobile Office

Owners: Tushar & Rachel

Specs: 580W of Solar & 2400WH in Lithium Batteries

This Fedex truck was turned into a mobile office.
It can be used to power outside parties with the benefit of no generator noise!


Self Converted Vans

We specialize in self converted tiny homes on wheels. Sprinters, Pro Masters, Camper Trucks, you name it. If it has wheels, we can provide custom solar kits to fit your exact project!


Owners: Wes & Sav (@ourlandyacht)

2016 4X4 170" Mercedes Sprinter Van

1000W Solar Roof Deck, 3600WH of Lithium Batteries & 3200W Inverter   

Owners: Kevin & Denise (@goodpeoplesociety)

2017 4X4 170" EXT Mercedes Sprinter Van

1000W Solar Roof Deck 

3600WH Of Lithium Batteries & 3200W Inverter


Owners: Sylvia & Wolf (@sylange)

148” WB Ford Transit Cargo Van

540W of Solar & 2000W Pure Sine Inverter, 60A Alternator 2400 WH LIFEPO4 Batteries