Because we are a solar company you can qualify for a 30% federal tax credit off of the entire cost of your system. Your tiny project may be considered a second residence by the IRS and therefore you can receive the 30% federal income tax credit using Tax Form 5695. We always recommend checking with your CPA but it’s common for our clients to receive this credit which can substantially reduce the net-investment of your system.


420W Commercial Grade Monocrystalline Solar Module (25+ year warranty
• (77”L X 44”W X 1.6”H)
• Aluminum Racking and Mounting Hardware
• Waterproof Cable Gland with Solar Wire

3200 W Pure Sine-wave Inverter/Charger
• Built-in battery charger for charging via shore power.
• Automated transfer switch
• 30A shore power plug w/15A adapter.
• Remote monitoring panel for system details and ON/OFF toggle.

30 A Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Charge Controller
• Compatible charging algorithm for lithium batteries.
• Bluetooth enabled monitoring from smart devices.

Alternator 60A smart charger for charging while driving/idling
•Lithium compatible for safe and efficient charging.
•60A at 12V = 720W

Batteries: (4) 12.8V, 100Ah, 1280Wh Lithium batteries
• 12.8V, 400 Ah Battery Bank with 5120Wh Usable Capacity,
• 3000-5000 cycles
•8-10+ expected life span
•32lbs (per battery)
•Bluetooth Battery Monitoring & Display
•Percentage Display for Battery State of Charge

Required Installation Components
• Solar Mounting Hardware & Racking
• Solar Wire, Battery Cable, DC Cabling, Alternator Wiring, Shore power plug and wire.
• Main AC/DC distribution panel

Tiny Watts Solar Pre-Wired Power Center
•Powder coated frame that bolts into place (custom color available upon request, starting at $250)
• All components mounted, pre-wired and commissioned

Custom kits are available for purchase and can be explored via our Custom Solar Kit Consultation. During this consultation, we will discuss your project needs and design solutions to adapt our standard kits in to your perfect solar powered solution.
Custom Solar Kit Consultations start at $500. This cost is to protect our time and design work, and will be used towards your Custom Solar Kit purchase.
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