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Tiny Watts Solar has spent the last 4 years working on and experimenting with different solar applications across the nation. From New York City to Portland, Oregon, we have traveled endlessly to craft the best systems for our client’s off-grid living needs. Electrically engineered for safety and efficiency, our products are built to last and keep you powered on in off-grid locations.


Tiny Watts Solar specializes in pre-wired, “plug-in-play" DIY Kits. These kits are assembled in-house and shipped to you, eliminating 75% of the install labor. These kits are electrically engineered for superior safety and efficiency.

All Tiny Watts Solar kits are made to order and your project will come to life in two phases. Phase I will commence as soon as payment is received in full. Phase II will follow as fabrication, powder coating, and wiring are complete.


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